Managing Your Dental Emergency Until You Can See a Dentist

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dental emergency

Dental emergencies happen. When they do, it can be hard to keep your cool. The situation can be stressful and scary. If you prepare yourself with knowledge, you may be able to handle a dental emergency with more ease. To keep you calm and knowledgeable in an emergency, check out these tips. The Importance of Calling Your Dentist The most … Read More

The History of Tooth Whitening

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tooth whitening

You may think that teeth whitening is a relatively new practice. However, as long as there have been humans, there have been people who want whiter teeth. The first signs of tooth whitening that scientists have found date back 5,000 years. Back then the methods weren’t nearly as sophisticated. Most early humans would chew on sticks to remove plaque and … Read More

Professional vs. at Home Teeth Whitening – Berger Dental

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at home teeth whitening

Today’s generations are very cosmetically conscience. The demand for teeth whitening has grown every year since the early 2000’s. If it were financially possible everyone would be going to the dentist for teeth whitening treatments regularly. This increase in demand has created a substantial opportunity in the market. Many companies in the dental field now offer at home teeth whitening products. … Read More

3 of The Latest Cosmetic Dentistry Trends You Need To Know

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cosmetic dentistry trends

The primary objective of cosmetic dentistry never has, and will never change. The point of cosmetic dentistry will always be to make your smile and teeth overall look good. This can be done in a variety of ways such as fixing an overbite or underbite, teeth whitening, or teeth straightening. The goal now in cosmetic dentistry is how to make … Read More

Cavities, What Makes You Prone to Them?

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Ever since you are born there are certain things your parents teach you that become law. One of these is brushing your teeth when you wake up in the morning and again when you go to sleep. This is to prevent cavities from forming. Cavities are easy to avoid as long as you know what to do. Cavities: Causes There … Read More

Top 7 Fashionable and Popular Teeth Makeovers For 2017

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teeth makeovers

What is the history of teeth makeovers? What’s fashionable for teeth? What are the most popular procedures in 2017? How did this industry come about? What are some major discoveries that were made along the way? Lets go over some history of teeth makeovers and see what’s popular for 2017. History of Teeth Makeovers Teeth makeovers have been around since as … Read More

How Can a Pompano Beach General Dentist Help You?

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pompano beach general dentist

 If you’re like many people, you see your dentist more than any other health care provider. That’s why it’s so important to find a Pompano Beach general dentist that you trust. They help you prevent dental problems and treat them before they become major issues. Dentists also keep you looking good. Your smile is usually the first thing people notice … Read More

Do You Need an Emergency Dentist?

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emergency dentist

Pompano Beach Emergency Dentist You never expect to need an emergency dentist. However, life throws crazy things at you as well as your teeth. Whether it’s a playful game of touch football or a pesky sesame seed from an everything bagel– the possibilities are as mundane as they are plenty. Often, you need help right away. That’s when you call … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Dental Bridges

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dental bridges

Your dental health is of the most importance in ensuring you are a healthy person, with the cleanest teeth possible. While most people take care of their teeth through the use of dentists and orthodontists, few go the extra mile. That’s ensuring they get the most up to date, proper treatment for various dental health issues. For example, when people … Read More

Top 10 Facts and Myths Surrounding Root Canal Treatment

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root canal

In what situations should you get a root canal? What is a root canal? Why are people so afraid of them? There are numerous reasons why you might need a root canal. Typical cases include cracked teeth, deep cavities, infections, or trauma causing irreversible damage. Damage usually leads to disease and bacteria begin to grow. Eventually, if left untreated, causing … Read More