Pros and Cons of PRP Facial Rejuvenation and Botox Injection

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facial rejuvenation

We all want to look the best we can possibly look. Though some do not wish to go through the necessary process to make it happen, that is not the case for everyone. Some are dedicated enough to seek out the most helpful solutions for any potential facial concerns. Those that seek out such solutions find solutions do exist, though … Read More

TMJ Disorder: Causes and Treatment

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tmj disorder

Is TMJ Disorder The Cause Of Jaw Pain? If you suffer from chronic facial pain, headaches, earaches, or jaw popping, you may have temporomandibular joint dysfunction– more commonly known as TMJ disorder. The temporomandibular (TM) joints are located on each side of your head. Along with the complex system of muscles, bones, and ligaments in your jaw, the TM joints allow you … Read More

Natural Teeth Whitening: 5 Foods That Brighten Your Smile

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natural teeth whitening

Natural Teeth Whitening With Wholesome Foods When stains develop on your tooth enamel, teeth become discolored– often yellow or beige. Untreated, the stains penetrate deeper, which makes them harder to remove. Furthermore, enamel loss exposes more of a pale brown substance called dentin that lays below. Teeth are dull, discolored, and in desperate need of natural teeth whitening. Having a … Read More

5 Reasons You Need Cosmetic Dentistry

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cosmetic dentistry

At this point, millions of people have pursued cosmetic dentistry and been thrilled with the results. But millions more could benefit from cosmetic dentistry but don’t seek it out. That is mostly because people have misconceptions about what it involves, what it can correct, and how beneficial it can be. To help clear up some of the uncertainty and empower … Read More

9 Signs You Need Dental Implant Surgery

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dental implant surgery

You know you need to seek out a dentist in Pompano Beach at least twice a year for cleanings and checkups. But you may not know when additional medical attention is necessary. That is a big problem because it could mean that small problems are turning into big ones. You are also living with unnecessary pain or discomfort. When you … Read More

How and Why We Got into Dentistry Pompano Beach

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dentistry pompano beach

The team of Nicole Berger D.D.S and Dr. Jonathan H. Cohen have come to define what people expect from dentistry Pompano Beach. By offering more of the services that people want and need in an environment that is more convenient and comfortable, getting the oral care that individuals and families require has never been easier. To understand who we are … Read More

Emergency Dentist Pompano Beach Services

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At Berger Dental, we understand dental emergencies sometimes don’t wait for regular office hours. So, whether you need help with a cracked tooth, root canal, or tooth extraction, Berger Dental is pleased to be the emergency dentist in Pompano Beach to help you. We have been serving South Florida residents for more than a decade. Berger Dental is the dentist … Read More