How Many Types of Dental Sedatives Are There?

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dental sedatives

Nobody enjoys going to the dentist, so there are dental sedatives. They administer these dental sedatives for something as simple as a teeth cleaning or something as extensive as oral surgery. But, it is something that has come a long way in a short time. Being scared of the dentist or a dental procedure shouldn’t be an excuse for neglecting your … Read More

Most Common Genetic Dental Abnormalities

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genetic dental abnormalities

If you have any genetic dental abnormalities, then you can blame your genes for your oral troubles. Unfortunately, many people suffer from genetic abnormalities. They have diseases, problems, and dysfunctions in their teeth and tissues that originate in their genes. Find out about the most common genetic dental abnormalities. 1. Cleft Lip or Palate As far as craniofacial deformities go, … Read More

Types of Mouth Guards

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mouth guards

Many people need to wear mouth guards. However, they come in different styles. If you need a mouthguard, there are a few things that you should know. Learn about all the different types of mouth guards and what they can do to keep your smile beautiful. What is a Mouthguard? A mouth guard is a protective covering that you wear … Read More

The Purpose of Oral Reconstruction

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The Purpose of Oral Reconstruction

The mouth is one of the most complex systems in the human body. There are hard tissues like the teeth and jaw, and soft tissues like the gums and tongue. All of the many parts that make up the mouth have to be working together like a well-oiled machine, or oral health suffers.  A person that has many different oral … Read More

Top 5 Dental Infections

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Dental infections

Dental infections are no laughing matter. Whether you have a minor infection or a life-threatening one, you need treatment. Find out everything that you should know about the top five dental infections. 1. Gum Infection Many people think of a gum infection as a minor issue.While it may not require emergency dental care, it is serious business. Although minor at … Read More

Tooth Decay: The Most Common Causes

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Tooth Decay The Most Common Causes

There are many dental issues that can lead to serious trouble. However, none are quite as common as tooth decay. Often, people find themselves with decay, and that decay turns into a problem that requires a medical procedure. Learn what causes decay and how you can prevent it. What is tooth decay? Tooth decay is the term used to describe … Read More

Emergency Dental FAQ – Your Questions Answered

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Emergency dental

When you have a dental emergency, your quick actions can save your smile. You can prepare yourself for a dental emergency by knowing how to act in certain situations. Read this emergency dental FAQ to learn how to act when you experience dental trouble. 1. What Makes for an Emergency Dental Situation? Anytime something goes wrong with your teeth, you … Read More

Dental X-rays: The Complete Guide

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dental x-rays

Most Common Types of Dental X-Rays Bitewing X-rays- a display of the upper and lower back teeth, all at once. This view is most commonly used to check for alignment between the upper and lower jaws or checking for tooth decay. Bone loss from severe gum disease or a dental infection is also visible in this view. These are usually … Read More

Dental Crown Uses

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dental crown uses

A dental crown is a very helpful dental procedure. But many people don’t realize the many different dental crown uses. Find out how a dental crown can help you, and why you may need one. 1. To Restore and Protect Tooth decay does some serious damage to your teeth. When that happens, it leaves your tooth and gums vulnerable. One … Read More

Same Day Cosmetic Dentistry

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same day cosmetic dentistry

When you have a missing tooth, life can seem bleak. You may be afraid to smile or spend your days hiding at home. However, same day cosmetic dentistry can take care of your smile in only one day. With immediate procedures, you don’t have to worry about waiting around for help. Find out what options you have available for same … Read More