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Zoom! Teeth Whitening

Teeth WhiteningZoom! Whitening is the number one patient requested professional teeth whitening treatment used in the dental office today. Zoom is the quickest way to whiten teeth. Most patients see results anywhere from four to eight shades lighter than their original shade of their teeth. Teeth will be lighter in just one appointment.

Typical questions that have been asked by our patients have been if it is safe, how long does it take, and how long will the results last? Studies have proven, under supervision of your dental professional, whitening teeth with carbamide, or hydrogen peroxide, is safe for teeth and gums. A session of whitening takes about one hour. How long whitening last varies from patient to patient. It is dependent on several factors; consumption of food and beverages that stain, smoking, age, and home care. One of the keys to long lasting whitening effects is to have a whitening maintenance system in place at home.

Call the office today and we will provide more information to get started with teeth whitening today.

Opalescence Whitening

opaleAn alternate way to whiten your teeth is by using take home custom made trays and a whitening gel that is placed into the tray. At the office of Dr. Nicole M. Berger, D.D.S. we use Opalescence take home whitening system.

Opalescence Whitening Gel, the first teeth whitening gel accepted by the ADA, is available in syringes for convenient take-home whitening. The active ingredient, carbamide or hydrogen peroxide with potassium nitrate and fluoride, which is also in Zoom, is recognized by the FDA as an oral antiseptic. This helps to inhibit bacterial growth and helps to encourage oral health.

Opalescence comes in four different strengths: 10%, 15%, 20% and 35%. How long trays are worn depends upon the strength of the gel. The stronger the gel, the less amount of time necessary to wear the tray. The gel can last up to 24 months when refrigerated or 12 months when left at room temperature. How long whitening lasts varies from patient to patient. Much like Zoom whitening it is also dependent on several factors. However, unlike Zoom the maintenance program is built into this system. Patients can control the amount of whitening desired.

Patient teeth whitening trays can be re used in the future for whitening maintenance. At the office of Dr Nicole M Berger, DDS, whitening trays can be fabricated in just two short visits.

Opalescence Go

treswhiteAn easy and affordale way to whiten is with Opalescence Go prefabricated, take home whitening trays.

Opalescence Go are pre-loaded trays that contain either 10% or 15% strength whitening gel. The trays are prefabricated trays to fit the upper and lower arches. These trays also have the added fluoride and potassium to help strengthen enamel, reduce sensitivity, and help to prevent tooth decay.

Opalescence Go whitening trays have molar to molar coverage. Convenient “mouth guard” like packaging makes it easy to place. The kit has with 10 pre-loaded upper and 10 lower trays and is available in three flavors. Trays should be worn for 30-60 minutes a day for 5 days. You should start seeing the results in a few days. Trays last up to 12 months in the refrigerator, 6 months at room temperature.

No appointment is necessary for this type of whitening. Opalescence Go can be purchased at the office of Dr. Nicole M. Berger, D.D.S. at anytime.

Kor Teeth Whitening

Kor Teeth Whitening

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