Emergency Extractions in Pompano Beach

Emergency Extractions in Pompano Beach

If you are experiencing pain, Dr. Nicole Berger can help. Our dental office provides Emergency Extractions in Pompano Beach. Emergency care means we will immediately address your dental problem and make sure you leave our office comfortable and pain-free. It is crucial to address dental concerns as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary discomfort.

What to Expect When Getting Emergency Extractions in Pompano Beach?

At South Florida Smile Spa we prioritize your comfort. Our warm and compassionate staff will greet you and take you to the dentist’s room. Many people seek Emergency Extractions in Pompano Beach because they are experiencing a lot of pain. We will make sure to numb your mouth right away, so you can relax and feel comfortable.

Once your pain dissipates, the dentist will explain the procedure and get you’re okay to begin. She always makes sure you are numb and comfortable when receiving treatment. We understand that many people have dentist anxiety caused by past negative experiences and feel the best way to combat that fear is to replace your bad memories with pleasant ones.

Can I Be Sedated for Emergency Extractions in Pompano Beach?

Dr. Nicole Berger is a certified conscious sedation dentist. If your anxiety makes you too fearful to get through the extraction procedure, sedation dentistry might be for you. However, this option could delay the work for a day or so. Your comfort and dental health are important to us. If you need sedation, we will make sure you are comfortable while waiting for the procedure.

How Long Will It Take Me to Heal After Emergency Extractions in Pompano Beach?

The time it takes to recover depends on the size of the tooth. Large molars will take longer to heal fully than smaller teeth. We recommend taking the rest of the day to go home and relax. The dentist will prescribe you any necessary medication to keep you comfortable at home. After about one or two weeks you should be as good as new.

South Florida Smile Spa

If you need Emergency Extractions in Pompano Beach, call Dr. Berger today at 954-785-1100. We will get you into our office right away. Dr. Berger is highly trained and experienced in the latest dental procedures. She also keeps the office equipped with the latest and greatest dental technology. We want to ensure that we provide you with the best possible treatment. You don’t have to suffer in pain, give us a call so you can be comfortable and healthy.

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